We couldn't help ourselves - and we apologize in advance.
-The BrainStorm Team

  1. Softwhere?: When you can't find the app you just installed. 
  2. Softwhisper: The low-key announcement of a major software update. 
  3. Softwary: The feeling you get before agreeing to those long terms and conditions.
    Software Puns Softwary
  4. Softwarewolf: The software you bought that isn’t exactly what you thought it was.  
  5. Softwarp: When an update changes your app so much, it feels like it's from another dimension. 
  6. Softwheeze: The sound an old computer makes trying to run the latest software. 
  7. Softwonder: Amazement at how easy and helpful your software is.

    Software Puns Softwonder
  8. Softwaffle: The indecision during software selection. 
  9. Softwink: A clever feature hidden in software for those in the know. 
  10. Softhoard: Accumulating more software licenses than one could ever use. 
  11. Softwince: The reaction to a really outdated user interface. 
  12. Softwall: The barrier you hit when trying to understand new software without BrainStorm. 

Never hit another softwall. BrainStorm is an enterprise software solution that helps software end users master the tools they use every day to do their jobs. The BrainStorm adoption platform gives software vendors—and their clients—a central, intelligent platform for driving real adoption and business results.