Online Learning Solutions with QuickHelp
Jessica Roylance, 04.19.21

These days, organizations have their hands full helping employees work efficiently. No wonder they turn to online learning solutions to onboard new.

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7 Software Tips to Work More Effectively: Increase Efficiency Part 2
Jessica Roylance, 08.18.20

Who wants to get their work done faster? Oh yeah! Sounds like something everybody wants. Here’s how to use software to save time and show your boss.

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9 Ways to Improve Your Desktop Productivity: Increase Efficiency Part 1
Jessica Roylance, 08.12.20

There’s really no need to boost your desktop productivity because computer work is always effective. Right? Not necessarily. The way you use.

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File Storage and Sharing – Which Tool When?
Jessica Roylance, 07.06.20

Storing and sharing files can be confusing. Your Microsoft O365® subscription gives you access to file storage in Microsoft Teams®, SharePoint®, and.

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Virtual Communication: Which Tool When?
Alyce Adams, 06.02.20

  Now that you’re working remotely, all communication is virtual. You have access to multiple tools with your Microsoft 365 subscription. But how do.

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What Do Gardening and Software Training Have in Common?
BrainStorm Team, 06.15.18

We’ve all been guilty of murdering a fern or two before. It’s easy to get overzealous and douse your beloved greenery with too much water. Gardening.

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The impact of technology
BrainStorm Team, 09.26.17

Technology has changed the workplace, but this digital transformation is only getting started. Microsoft recently began offering an onsite experience.

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