5 consecutive years of being one of Outside's Best Places to Work

—Josh Flores | 11.18.16
5 consecutive years of being one of Outside's Best Places to Work
Josh Flores, 11.18.16

BrainStorm has been named one of Outside Magazine Best Places to Work for the fifth year in a row—what an honor! You can view our placement on the list here. A huge thank you to Outside Magazine for this recognition and to our wonderful management team, Eric Farr and John Wade, for their dedication to creating a workplace where adventure is encouraged.

One BrainStorm team member says, “I actually look forward to coming to work at BrainStorm. Weekends are great and needed, but I enjoy coming back to work at a place with people I trust. Whether it’s getting work done, having fun, or inviting others to do service (often during their lunch break), the people here are awesome.”

We think everyone should look forward to going to work every day. Here are a few ways to make your office a great place to be:

Ideas for inside the office

The majority of our lives are spent at work—so why not make the workplace as enjoyable as possible? At BrainStorm, it isn’t uncommon to have spontaneous games of dodgeball or double-dutch sessions to break up the day. We also have time allotted each week for mini competitions where employees can win prizes like restaurant gift cards and college football tickets.

Ideas for outside the office

At BrainStorm, we pride ourselves in fostering a culture that not only affords time to do things outside together, but expects it. One awesome perk is access to corporate ski passes for a local ski resort. We also have internal clubs that are responsible for setting up monthly out-of-office activities like river rafting, service activities, and company picnics. On top of that, there's always something going on around lunchtime. PropellerHeads are either going out to eat, working out, or playing some type of sport together during lunch.

As a member of the marketing team at BrainStorm, Josh is a very positive and energetic individual who has a passion for marketing and business. Some of his interests include playing soccer and basketball, skiing with his wife, playing the guitar and ukulele, and of course, dancing to Latin music.
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