Don’t do it yourself. Automate it.

Picture this: A world where software training is as dynamic as the tech landscape it serves. In today's rapidly evolving digital age, the way we educate users about software tools has been stuck in the past for far too long. It’s finally time to say goodbye to the days of static solutions like knowledgebases and learning management systems (LMS) and welcome the era of automated software training platforms – like BrainStorm – that are modernizing the learning experience. 

Why should I care about automated learning? 

Personalized learning experiences

1. Personalized learning experiences:
Imagine a training platform that understands each user's strengths and areas for improvement. Automated platforms create personalized learning paths, ensuring that every user's journey is hyper-relevant. This approach caters to varying skill levels, moments of need, and paces of learning, delivering an experience that's both effective and efficient. 

Interactive learning
2. Interactive learning:
Passive learning is a thing of the past. Users expect learning to come to them, and not the other way around. Leveraging interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and hands-on exercises, users need to be actively engaged in their learning. The result? Improved retention and a deeper understanding of the software's functionality. Plus, you can align this learning to the specific goals of your organization.

Real-time updates
3. Real-time updates:
Software evolves at lightning speed, and so should training. Automated platforms swiftly adapt to changes and updates, ensuring that users are always in sync with the latest features. A modern system can even detect user behavior in the tool and trigger training based on end-user actions. 


4. Scalability:
Curating a personalized experience across multiple teams and job functions is hard. With the right platform, you can deliver a unique user experience to every single user in your org. Automated group enrollment, and sophisticated APIs that trigger learning make a personalized learning experience achievable at scale. 

Measured results
5. Measured results:
Data is the cornerstone of improvement. Effective platforms offer valuable analytics, allowing organizations to measure the effectiveness of their training initiatives. Armed with actionable insights, continuous enhancement becomes more than a goal—it's a reality.

Software evolves at lightning speed, and so should training.

Static Solutions (LMS or LXP) vs. BrainStorm (Software Adoption Platform):

So how do these platforms work?

Software adoption platform

  1. Purpose-built for software adoption.
  2. Personalized, dynamic learning.
  3. Behavior-based reporting.
  4. App-integrated.​


  • General training platform.
  • One-size fits all learning.
  • Completion-based reporting.
  • Standalone tool.

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“As our people started to be more engaged with BrainStorm, their usage, engagement, and adoption of Microsoft Teams grew exponentially. Specifically, we discovered that those who went into BrainStorm were three times as likely to use Teams.”
Global food company


In a world of constant change and innovation, the choice is clear. Automated software training platforms like BrainStorm signal a new era of learning—one that adapts, engages, and empowers. Say farewell to the static past and usher in a future where software training evolves as swiftly as technology itself. Are you ready to take the leap?

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