Celebrating Fishbowl’s second win for adoption success

BrainStorm celebrates our client Fishbowl, a leading ERP for inventory, warehousing, and manufacturing processes, for being named G2's Highest User Adoption product in the implementation index for the second consecutive time!

At BrainStorm, we believe we are only successful when our clients are successful. We are honored to be recognized by Fishbowl as the solution that enabled their success and recognition:

“Fishbowl is honored and can attribute this award to our strong partnership with BrainStorm Inc., our latest tool that facilitates implementation by providing customers with comprehensive video tutorials on how to utilize our platform, as well as addressing a wide range of frequently asked questions.”

We applaud Fishbowl’s visionary customer experience team, including Chase White and Skyler Johnston, for their commitment to enabling their clients with best-in-class onboarding and product training.

This recognition reaffirms the BrainStorm commitment to empowering organizations with the automation and flexibility they need to drive customer education, onboarding, and adoption – at scale.


Accelerating the value of Fishbowl for clients

Fishbowl’s solution promises to give its clients full visibility into warehouse and manufacturing workflows, streamline integrations, and rapidly grow their businesses. And they are committed to delivering that value to clients immediately.

In keeping with that commitment, Fishbowl implemented BrainStorm as the backbone of their customer onboarding and training processes. Rather than wait for clients to attend trainings, follow instructions, and ask questions, Fishbowl used BrainStorm to create a customer-led implementation process.

“We really needed a way to get our customers onboarded more efficiently and start getting value right away. Automating key onboarding training and freeing up our implementation team was critical.”

Chase White, Director of Support, Fishbowl

Using BrainStorm’s dynamic learning flows and automatic personalization, Fishbowl was able to:

  1. Enhance onboarding relevancy for clients
  2. Decrease the time it takes clients to onboard
  3. Reduce the lift required to help clients get started
  4. Increase product adoption

In today’s world, software customers are conditioned to expect
easy, relevant, and on-demand onboarding and training. By making it ridiculously easy for their clients to know when, why, and how to get started, Fishbowl uses BrainStorm to remove client barriers to experiencing value.


Good client onboarding is the gateway to achieving SaaS metrics

Immediate client value is critical to achieving all core SaaS metrics.

At the end of the day:

  1. You can’t renew and expand customers if they aren’t getting results.
  2. They can’t get results if they aren’t using your product in the first place.
  3. They can’t use your product if they don’t know how to use it.
  4. They won’t know how to use it unless you tell them how.

But – telling them how isn’t easy.

It requires:

  • Having up-to-date training content
  • Curating content based on licensing, role, and status
  • Delivering the content in a consumable way
  • Delivering the content at the right time
  • Tracking and measuring content completion
  • Tracking and measuring impact of content on actual usage


BrainStorm solves client onboarding and education at scale

While many existing SaaS retention solutions deliver checklists, portals, and intervention triggers, BrainStorm is new and different. Lauded by industry analysts and customer success thought leaders as the first of its kind, BrainStorm’s solution enables software vendors to give every client their own SSO-enabled learning system, but manage it globally.

“BrainStorm’s solution was just the most flexible when it came down to the way we needed to design courses for our customers. We were able to easily envision and build scalable training flows that work for all of our customers.”

Chase White, Director of Support, Fishbowl

BrainStorm enables SaaS companies to achieve profitable ARR by switching onboarding and training from a people-powered motion, to a platform-powered motion. The BrainStorm solution operates as a friendly copilot to your implementation, CSM and support teams through its proactive communication, polls & assessments, branching learning flows, automated triggers, and reporting.

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