Meet Like a Pro: Teams 101

—Alyce Adams | 03.09.20

Meet Like a Pro: Teams 101

Alyce Adams, 03.09.20

Let’s face it – most meetings suck.


Why do so many of us get a sour taste in our mouth when we hear the word “meeting”?

Only ½ of professionals in the U.S. say they play an active role in the meetings they attend

Unproductive meetings cost more than $37 billion per year

100% of respondents described poorly organized meetings as a waste of time or money

Microsoft Teams to the rescue

Your online meeting experience matters. Don’t leave your remote attendees in the dark. Visual stimulus is one of 4 key elements for a successful meeting.

Teams has a lot of interactive collaboration tools built into meetings.

  • Use the whiteboard to digitally share a creative space. Figure out flows, brainstorm ideas, and diagram in your Teams meetings.
  • Let your coworkers see what you’re seeing by sharing your screen. It’s like huddling around your computer, but a lot more comfortable.
  • Upload a PowerPoint to the meeting and it’ll become the visual focal point. Presentations just got easier.


51% of meetings had insufficient follow-up

It’s more than a meeting. Discussion leading up to and following your meeting is just as important.

Do it all in one place. Teams seamlessly integrates your meeting with your workspace.

  • Record your meeting. Then use the automatic transcript and keyword search to find relevant information. Listen to your coworkers tell you what to do. Over, and over, and over again.
  • Teams will automatically save the chat from a meeting.  It’ll appear in your chats list or in the channel you held your meeting in. No need to worry about losing links, documents, or chit chat that was shared.
  • Take shared meeting notes before, during, and after the meeting. Link a OneNote notebook to your team and add it as a tab. Get on the same page as your coworkers – literally.



People spend an average of 5 hours 3 minutes in meetings each week

No one likes technical difficulties. Set-up, poor call quality, and other distractions absorb valuable time.

Get to the important stuff faster with Teams.

  • Select your video and audio configuration before joining the call. You can also mute yourself or adjust your video to make sure you look and sound your best.
  • Fix the problem before it becomes a problem. Teams will alert you about everything from a poor network connection to when you’re trying to speak and may have forgotten to unmute your microphone.
  • It’s easy to rely on a positive experience in Teams. Teams is supported by a new modern infrastructure that’s optimized for online meetings, so you can count on high-quality audio and video






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