Large healthcare system



Employee Count


The goal.

Picture this. 

You’re knee-deep in work … exhausted and totally out of patience … fighting a pandemic that will. Not. Quit. That's exactly what one large healthcare system was up against, right as they realized it was time to make their employees move to Microsoft 365. 


Not exactly perfect timing for a major switch, like that. After all, they’d just finished a recent electronic medical record (EMR) software transition, and software wasn’t exactly top of mind

Learning was required.

This would be a bit rough ... 


I mean, an IT program manager can’t really support 43,000 end users with one-to-one training. Not at that scale, at least. Luckily, this health company had an ace up its sleeve — and BrainStorm scrubbed on in. 

I knew very early on into the relationship with [BrainStorm] that we had made the right choice.

Our approach.

We know people. 

In fact, as BrainStorm was rolled out, new users flocked to the platform eager for ways to ease their stress load. After all, when you’re dealing with a pandemic, it’s so nice to have technology make your life just a little bit easier.

We made it fun too, adding in gamification to attract the whole crowd — not just IT — to help take the load off their shoulders.

Even if it was just a bit.


Since adding in BrainStorm, stress levels are a whole lot lower, they’ve seen: 

  • 43,000 users get up and running on Microsoft 365. 
  • 0 burnout from releasing a brand-new software system, at scale. 
  • 3 employees super grateful for help teaching their non-techie team.

About BrainStorm.

BrainStorm is a SaaS company with a 27-year legacy of helping brands like Microsoft to gain widescale software adoption. Now, some of the biggest names in SaaS are seeking us out for help in onboarding, retention, and expansion. We deliver with a platform that drives key behaviors and deep knowledge — at scale. You’ll see greater engagement than ever before … with 50% less overhead.