You stare at your email after sending the renewal quote. Something felt off on your call… 

‘Have we proven our value?’ you think to yourself. 

You’re not alone. 

Customers are demanding more 

Recent research shows that 80% of companies are shopping for a replacement managed service provider because they are dissatisfied.1 That means it’s critical to demonstrate value to customers and stand out from the crowd. By doing so you’ll capture new customers as well as retain the ones you’ve worked so hard to get. 

End-user adoption and ongoing engagement with the solutions you deploy for customers are key to demonstrating value. And driving that adoption and engagement at-scale is the challenge. Try focusing on these three areas to deliver a training triple-threat. 


Make your managed services stand out by using the training triple threat _ Onboarding

1. Onboarding

Train new employees on critical software and support in the first 30 days.  

Welcome communication, introduction of tech support options, mandatory HR content and required security training should all be covered. Better yet, if the training includes options for technology self-service and is tailored to the new employee’s specific job role. 


Make your managed services stand out by using the training triple threat _ Productivity + Security

. Productivity and security 

Once users become comfortable using their day-to-day tools, shift your focus to productivity and security instruction.  

Train on best practices for collaboration, internal and external communication, and how to securely manage files and avoid common security threats. Again, focusing on the tools most applicable to the specific employee’s job is more likely to engage them. 


Make your managed services stand out by using the training triple threat _ Advanced Learnng

3. Advanced learning

Training needs don’t end, so make sure you offer advanced training that can be accessed (or assigned) as needed by your clients.  

Training on advanced features within your solutions, the rollout of new applications and products, annual security checkpoints and policy updates are all important and will build end user and client confidence. 


Make your managed services stand out by using the training triple threat _ Automate it-1

But how do you manage it all? Automate it.

Developing and delivering training to segmented end-user groups, and then tracking and reporting impact on adoption and engagement isn’t something that’s easy to do from scratch. But, partnering with the right company to deliver all of this as a part of your service offering makes it possible. That’s where BrainStorm comes in. 

You can automate these business processes and deliver the training triple threat along with other bundled services. BrainStorm already integrates with the best solutions in the market today and makes it easy for you as a service provider to plug our platform into your current offering. 

Automate your services 

Ready to roll with automation? Contact BrainStorm now.