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Software costs plummet

As the second-largest storage company in the USA, Extra Space Storage owned hundreds of software applications, including many that weren’t used to their fullest potential. Extra Space Storage needed a way to teach users to do more with their technology—and found
that less technology (and the right adoption solution) was the answer all along.


CTO Bron McCall hoped Office 365 and a move to Microsoft Teams would help eliminate
unused apps—but first, the C-suite needed to align its key business objectives to the
mass undertaking. “The goal was to reduce costs by replacing some legacy tools. Beyond
that, we hoped to increase the collaboration capabilities across the organization.”

What is QuickHelp?

BrainStorm QuickHelp is a software adoption solution that combines content expertise with an intelligent platformall designed to transform the way users work with their technology.  

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Strategy and goals

McCall needed to prepare executives and users for upcoming changes. Partnering with
BrainStorm made it easy to measure software usage, identify redundant apps, and
strategize a cost-effective adoption plan. Custom videos showed users the practical,
personal benefits of Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 tools.

ExtraSpace Abs
“BrainStorm has helped us significantly increase our adoption of Office 365 and Teams, which has allowed us to eliminate three expensive duplicate applications so far. We have been able to streamline communications and benefit our bottom line.”

The final results

McCall’s team leveraged BrainStorm’s QuickHelp adoption platform to scale the effort with personalized communication and skill paths to thousands of users. “We’re able to scale training across our organization, consolidate multiple applications, and operate at a lower cost than a couple of years ago.”

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BrainStorm activates change and drives software adoption by using technology to empower people and transform organizations. By partnering with BrainStorm, organizations can more confidently map their Microsoft 365, adoption strategies to key business objectives, track user engagement and innovation, and decrease costs. BrainStorm’s unique, people-focused approach to digital transformation has set it apart as an industry leader and premier Microsoft partner.