Silicon Slopes, Utah – BrainStorm, a Utah-based company, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest initiative, "SaaS Therapy," a podcast meticulously designed for customer-facing teams within the SaaS industry. Hosted by industry stalwarts Todd Kirk and Casey Trujillo, this series aims to bridge the gap between software vendors and their clients, offering a masterclass of insights and strategies to enhance SaaS customer relationships. 

With decades of combined experience working between software vendors and their clients, Todd and Casey bring to the table a wealth of stories, practical advice, and tips customer teams can put into action right away.

"SaaS Therapy" will dive into the complexities of client relationships – spanning topics such as how to make customer churn data actionable, time-to-value in client onboarding, and building a better QBR. 

"We’ve created this podcast to be more than just a series of discussions; over many years, we’ve been in the middle of software vendors and software clients. We believe we have unique insights that will help software vendors to look at old problems in new ways,” said Todd Kirk.

Casey Trujillo added, "We're here to share what we’ve learned, and strategies that really work. Our goal is to help our listeners build stronger, more resilient customer relationships." 

"SaaS Therapy" is the latest in BrainStorm's commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in end-user software adoption. By sharing real-world insights and proven strategies, the podcast is set to become a uniquely valuable resource for anyone looking to solve the age-old problems of slow onboarding, low engagement, and churn.   

“SaaS Therapy” is now available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Find the podcast webpage at SaaS Therapy Podcast ( 

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