Multi Factor Authentication: Up Your Security Game
Ruth Christensen, 06.29.20

There are over 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts to Microsoft cloud services every day. Whoa.

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7 Remote Security Dos and Don’ts
Ruth Christensen, 05.20.20

With remote work in full swing, scammers are busier than ever. Which means it’s high time for some remote security dos and don’ts.

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Remote Work: How to Focus and Collaborate Effectively from Home
Ruth Christensen, 03.20.20

As the world focuses on COVID-19, more organizations–including BrainStorm–are focusing on remote work as a way to minimize risk and keep employees.

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The Neuroscience Behind Learning
Alyce Adams, 01.10.20

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Collaboration, Change Management, and the 4 Personalities
Alyce Adams, 11.11.19

You’ve probably heard this before—change is changing. But what exactly does the cliché mean? To find out, let’s take a look at the history of change.

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What is Change Management? Thoughts from an Expert
Alyce Adams, 07.03.19

Change management is a hot topic right now, and understandably so. But it’s a tough topic to fully wrap your head around.

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Microsoft Teams – How Secure Is It Really? A Rundown
Ruth Christensen, 05.23.19

You don’t ask much. You just want collaboration software that also protects your data. So, is Microsoft Teams secure? And what happens to all that.

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How Meetings in Microsoft Teams Make Your World Better
Ruth Christensen, 05.08.19

Just one glance at your calendar tells you: meetings are taking over your world. Or does it just seem that way?

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Memes In TEAMS: How to Rule the World in 1 Click
Ruth Christensen, 04.18.19

If you’ve only taken the macro view of Microsoft Teams, know this:

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Why Microsoft Teams Could Be a Cure for Distraction
Ruth Christensen, 04.17.19

You’ve been in the office for over an hour—but your ‘real work’ has yet to begin, thanks to a meeting, two phone calls, and multiple push.

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