Your client on the video call is visibly frustrated.

“You told us this was the right software for our business, but our employees won't use it.”

Not this again!

You’ve done on-site trainings and webinars to educate their employees — but they don’t pay attention or don’t show up — they just call for support when they need it.

“We’re going to have to consider other options…”

This could really cost you.

Changing your approach to end-user training is how to turn things around. “Why?” you ask.

I'll tell you ...

Training isn't a one-time event. 

It's a culture.

The truth is, your clients may overestimate the software training they provide employees1 . That's a problem. It makes their employees lose trust and feel overwhelmed by the tech tools they’re juggling. Now, your client feels upset, and thinks the problem is with you.

Sound familiar?

Break the cycle.

Help your clients to see ongoing training as essential for employees. Better yet, show them how easy it is to get big returns, on very small efforts.


You'll find the secret in turnkey training.

How's it work?

It's easy.

Turnkey training creates consistency. It educates and engages employees, forever. Your client gets productivity. You get a long contract. Everyone wins. Picture this: an ongoing training platform and 24/7 support. It's a major differentiator — and you'll never have to train ...

In-person ...

On a video ...

Or, in a phone call ...


In fact, 84% of clients say BrainStorm content applies directly to the work they do every day.2 That means you'll share value right away, and they'll keep coming back for more.

You win.

And, there's more.

Training your clients with on-demand content reduces tier 1 service needs. You can push training proactively to support their needs and objectives, without ever stepping foot in their office. That saves you time and money.

You give value, and pocket all the change. 


Go deep.

You're the expert.

Clients come to you to solve their core issues. So, bolster your ability. Help them see a better software ROI — by deploying more strategic solutions, now that you're not training — and you'll create a much deeper loyalty.

It's all about value.

Drive home the impact you bring.

Add the only learning management tool to actually change user behavior — to your tech stack. Make your clients better at using the solutions you sell every day — with the click of a button. Your value will shine through immediately.

I promise.

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2 BrainStorm customer polling data.