How Phishing Training for Employees Can Prevent Human Error
McKell Parsons, 04.21.21

No doubt, you’ve seen it before: you put up firewalls and anti-malware tools, update software and definitions, control access to sensitive data—and.

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Security Awareness Training: 7 Remote Security Dos and Don'ts
Ruth Christensen, 04.16.21

With remote work in full swing, scammers are busier than ever. Which means it’s high time for some remote security dos and don’ts.

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Phishing Awareness Training: 3 Things Your Team Should Know
BrainStorm Team, 04.15.21

A recent phishing scam targeting Office 365 users is the latest in a growing number of well-disguised cyberattacks. This particular scam added to its.

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What Your Security Awareness Training is Missing
McKell Parsons, 04.07.21

This post is part 2 of our security awareness series. If you’re just joining us, don’t miss the first post about the #1 most underrated security risk.

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Prevent Cybersecurity Risks with Phishing Awareness Training
Jessica Roylance, 04.05.21

This post is part 1 of our series about security awareness. Today’s topic is a risk you haven’t even considered and how to handle it.

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What Does A Successful Simulated Phishing Training Program Look Like?
McKell Parsons, 03.31.21

Because 90% of data breaches come from phishing, running simulated phishing attacks is a no-brainer for any corporate security strategy. But not all.

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Security Awareness Training - The 6 Habits of Cyber-Safe Users
Jessica Roylance, 02.10.21

This post is part 3 of our series about security awareness. Last time we discussed Microsoft 365 security best practices for all your users.

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Multi Factor Authentication: Up Your Security Game
Ruth Christensen, 06.29.20

There are over 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts to Microsoft cloud services every day. Whoa.

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